2020 Convention 2020 Daily Reports

2020 Saturday Daily Report

There was a lot of energy going into the main legislative session today of Convention. Bishop Douglas began our day in prayer. Our very first annual convention conducted over Zoom required some adjusting, as we learned to navigate the voting platform and various features of Zoom. We ran a test vote to establish a quorum of voting members of Convention, and, because of the faithfulness of our lay and clergy delegates, were able to move forward with our legislative session.

Bishop Ian Douglas gave his Annual Bishop’s Address, the full text of which can be found here. Although speaking into a camera during a Zoom webinar isn’t the same as speaking to a room full of people, Bishop Ian still had an audience:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was unavailable for comments at the time of this writing.

Following that, each World Café group presented a report to share their work with the wider Convention: the Rev. Shancia Jarrett presented for Session 1, the Rev. Jane Hale for Session 2, and the Rev. Tracy Johnson Russell for Session 3. Each of the World Café sessions discerned next steps in the work they would like to do; more information about follow up meetings can be found in each day’s report.

The resolutions were presented and debated, all of them passing, some with amendments. We will have the amended resolutions published as soon as possible.

For Resolution 1, “Merger of All Saints’ Oakville and Christ Church, Watertown,” a video was presented exploring the history and journey of these two parishes:

We also heard from the Young Adult Task force, a group created at last year’s convention, as they reported on the work they have been doing:

After the elections closed at noon, we were pleased to announce new members to the Mission Council (Pam Williams, Denise Welsh, the Rev. Amjad John Samuel) and Standing Committee (Gloria Rogers, Letitia Naigles, and the Rev. Thom Furrer), as well as announcing that the other elected slates had passed. Congratulations to those elected and many thanks for all who put their names forth to serve.

After a longer than expected but productive day, we ended the legislative sessions with Bishop Laura leading us in the Lord’s Prayer, and Bishop Ian giving the blessing.

There are many people to be thanked for this unique Convention: the team at the Commons (Jasree Peralta, our Canon for Mission Communications & Media, Alli Gannett our Digital Media Coordinator, and the Rev. Matt Handi, our Operations Manager), the Convention and Convention Worship Planning Teams, our ASL interpreters Nikki and Jaime, our outgoing Secretary of Convention the Rev. Adam Yates, and all of our delegates and participants. Despite many challenges, we still met together in order to heed the call of God working in our midst, and discern how best to participate in God’s mission.