2020 Convention

We Are the Body of Christ Digital Mosaic

A communal expression of our being the presence of Christ in the World. For the Episcopal Church in Connecticut for Convention 2020.


Convention 2020 will be like no other in the history of the Episcopal Church. Our art project is a reflection on how this time of pandemic and racial and economic reckoning draws attention to the essence of who we are and what we do. The Church is too frequently identified with buildings. Buildings are important and a vital component of our ministry, mission, and identity, but they are instruments of service and not who we are. Also of service to the Church, are our clergy. Once again, the clergy are not the Church, but are an essential component of ministry, mission, and identity. Together we are Christ’s presence and no pandemic, no amount of social turmoil, no economic distress can affect that if we are faithful to our Savior. All members of the Body of Christ that is the ECCT are invited to be a part of our digital art project for Convention 2020 being prepared by Stephen Hard of St. Mark’s Church in New Britain.

The Mosaic

There will be a stylized outline of Christ the Priest. His arms will be outstretched wearing the garment of the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist. Around his head will be the traditional halo with a cross. In the cross will be images of our Church leadership, Bishops Curry, Douglas, and Ahrens. Outlining the chasuble will be images of our priests and deacons who surround and serve the Church. The body of the chasuble will be images of the lay faithful of the ECCT. Decorating the orphrey will be images of our Church buildings signifying their important service.

How You Can Participate

Please send an image of yourself or, with their permission, another member of the ECCT to Please send only JPEG, TIFF, or PNG files. Please be certain you have the rights to any image you send. Individual images will be very small, but there will be a lot of them, so lower resolution is preferable. Head shots are preferred to minimize cropping. Clergy are asked to send a shot in clerical collar. Full color images of Church buildings, interior or exterior, are also most welcome. There is no guarantee that any particular image will be included. Images of people will have top priority for inclusion.


Please send all images to no later than Friday, October 2.