Rules of Order


  1. All registered attendees of Convention may address Convention with respect to matters pending before it for a maximum of two minutes. Registered attendees may speak no more than twice in the same debate, nor on a question of appeal more than once, without leave of the Convention.
  2. When a question other than a World Café Conversation recommendation is under consideration, no motion shall be received except to lay on the table, to postpone indefinitely, to commit, to call the question, or to amend. These motions shall have precedence in the order herein named. When a World Café Conversation recommendation is under consideration, no motion shall be received.
  3. A question being once determined shall stand as the judgment of the Convention and shall not again be drawn into debate during the session, unless a member of Convention who voted with the majority when the question was first determined moves to reconsider the question and the motion is adopted by two-thirds of the members present and voting.
  4. Except when in conflict with the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church or of this Diocese, the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the interpretation of the Rules of Order of the Convention and the procedure to be followed.
  5. No person shall be eligible for election to more than one of the following offices: member of the Standing Committee and member of the Mission Council.
  6. World Café Conversation Reports
    1. The President will announce the order in which reports of the World Café Conversations will be made to Convention and the time allotted for each report.
    2. The report of a World Café Conversation may, but need not, include a recommendation of:
      1. An action of Convention; or
      2. Formation of a Ministry Network for continued work and collaboration on the World Café Conversation’s topic.
    3. At the conclusion of each World Café Conversation report, a period of time established by the President will be allowed for clarifying questions from the floor.
    4. A World Café Conversation recommendation that Convention take an action will be deemed a motion to Convention. Convention will vote on the motion after the time for clarifying questions has concluded.
    5. A World Café Conversation recommendation that a Ministry Network be formed will include identification of Members of Convention that will facilitate the formation of the Ministry Network and a date for its first gathering.
  7. These Rules of Order shall be effective when adopted by the majority vote of Convention. Once adopted, they may not thereafter be suspended or amended except upon motion duly made and seconded, and approved by two-thirds of Convention.
  8. Petitions submitted for consideration by Convention pursuant to Canon VI of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut may be presented at the call of the President.