Resolution Guidelines

Resolutions are one of the ways that we make decisions as a diocese. They may be submitted by any five voting member of Convention (canonically resident clergy or lay delegates to the Diocesan Convention) or members of a diocesan committee. All submitted resolutions will be reviewed by the Faith & Order Commission for compliance with pertinent constitution and canons before being translated into Spanish and released to ECCT. You can learn more about this process, as well as submit a resolution, below.


Electronically to Adam Yates, Secretary of Convention ( 


No later than September 4, 2020.


All six elements listed below must be included in the resolution, or else the resolution will be returned to the submitter:

  • Title: A brief description of what the resolution is about
  • Names of the Submitters: All resolutions must be submitted by at least five (5) members of Convention. Include email addresses and phone numbers for the submitters.
  • Text of the Resolution: All clauses begin with the word “RESOLVED:” if there is more than one clause, the words, “AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED” appear at the beginning of a new clause. “Whereas” clauses are not used.
  • Explanation: A brief, concise explanation (under 100 words) of the rationale for the resolution.
  • Statement: Answer the question, “How does this resolution further God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation with all of creation?”
  • Statement of Requirements to Implement the Resolution: A summary of cost, materials, and time required to implement the resolution.

After Convention, if the resolution is adopted, the sponsors of a resolution must inform Convention not later than May 1st of the following year of action taken after the adoption of the resolution, making note of the information below:

  • Title of Resolution
  • Summary of the purpose of the resolution
  • Actions taken to implement the resolution
  • Outstanding work to be completed or further actions required (Optional)

In case of resolutions that require notification of State and Federal authorities, the sponsors of the resolution are responsible for notifying the authorities.

This information will be included in the pre­-Convention material provided to delegates.