Submit a Question

As a part of our ongoing effort to broaden the work of Convention to include conversation and collaborative decision making, we made a change to our process two years ago to give over time at Convention to a “world café” process, with each café being focused on a single question. To learn more about how this new process works, take a look at the explanation below.

Any Episcopalian in Connecticut can submit a single question for consideration at one of the three “world café” sessions that will take place on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Convention. Questions can be submitted electronically now until Thursday, July 30*, using the form below. Everyone who submits a question must attend an online workshop on Saturday, August 1 to refine your question in conversation with others who have also submitted a question.

*The deadline has been extended due to an early problem with the form that prevented submissions.

How will it work?

STEP 1: Submit a question

What do you want to have Convention discuss? Any Episcopalian in Connecticut may submit a single question/topic before July 27 that they would like Convention to work on together. It can be very concrete or it can be big picture—the sky is the limit!

Step 2: Refine the questions

On August 1, everyone who submitted a question/topic will come together online half-day session. They will refine their questions and work with others who submitted similar questions, until we are left with a set of core questions.

Step 3: Vote on the questions

The core questions will be submitted to voting members of Convention as an electronic ballot. You will have one week to rank the questions in the order of your greatest interest/passion to your least interest/passion. The 3 highest ranked questions will move to Convention for discussion in workshops.

Step 4: Join the work

On the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Convention, we will hold a world cafe workshop. Each workshop will focus on one of the core questions, and registered members of Convention (voting and non-voting) will get to attend any or all of the sessions. Workshop participants will dig into the core question, exploring and expanding it, until a course of action begins to emerge. They will then report back their work to the whole Convention, along with any actions needed from Convention. Any action approved by Convention will carry the same weight as a resolution.

Step 5: Celebrate!

As we leave our time together at Convention, you will be able to celebrate the fact that you, along with every other person at Convention, helped to discern and create the work of our church here in Connecticut, furthering our participation in God’s mission.